Need To Cater An Event?

Let Ted's give your event fun and flavor!
We pride ourselves on successful worry-free catering and offer everything from onsite full service to simple drop-offs. We regularly cater meetings, weddings, company picnics, and numerous other events. It's easy, call Ted's and ask to speak to a manager. Our business is growing. We enjoy catering and know if we do a good job and have happy customers it will continue to grow.
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Catering Menu

One Pound
Serves 4 People

Bar-B-Q Pork
pound $12.99
Smoked Pulled Chicken
pound $14.99
Smoked Turkey
pound $14.99
Whole Chicken
Smoked Sausage
6 links
pound $14.99
whole rack $26.99
dozen $28.99

Smoked Signature Wings

Any Quantity Available
25 Wings
50 Wings
75 Wings
100 Wings


Half Pan (10-12 people) or Full Pan (20-25 people)
Bar B Q Baked Beans
half $17.49 / full $34.99
Green Beans
half $17.49 / full $34.99
Cole Slaw
half $17.49 / full $34.99
Potato Salad
half $17.49 / full $34.99
Mac & Cheese
half $17.49 / full $34.99

Tossed Salad

Serves approx. 10 People
Romaine & Iceberg Lettuce with Bacon Bits, Cheddar Cheese, Tomatoes, Homemade Cornbread Croutons
Choice of Dressings: Ted's Spicy Ranch, Light Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Honey Mustard, Raspberry Vinaigrette


Half Pan (10 people) or Full Pan (20 people)
Peach Cobbler
half $17.49 / full $34.99
Banana Pudding
half $17.49 / full $34.99
Chocolate Chip Cookies
$1.59 each


8 Count Buns
Jalapeno Cornbread
Dozen $7.99
Mini Jalapeno Cornbread
Min. order 24
dozen $3.99

Drinks and Ice

Includes Cups, Lemons and Sweeteners
Sweet or Unsweet Tea
gallon $5.49
Lemonade/Hi-C Fruit Punch
gallon $6.49
Bag of Ice

Call Your Store Manager for Additional Catering Options Including Ribs & Brisket!

Madison Blvd.
Five Points